Thursday, September 17, 2009

I am not who I was... or did I find who I am?

A post of totally random thoughts, some are mine, some are from other people.

No rhyme, no reason, no story. Just stuff.

“God places the heaviest burden on those who can carry its weight.”
Reggie White

Don't pray for lighter burdens, but for stronger backs.

“If God sends us on strong paths, we are provided strong shoes.”
A man in church told me this proverb of sorts. He's wise. I am glad for his words.

Now this next quote makes me want to do an end zone dance...
Endurance is patience concentrated.
Thomas Carlyle

I believe God's worked with me a lot on patience. I always thought I wasn't very good at it, come to find out, I just have a highly concentrated amount of it. (oh yes I do!)

Heroism is endurance for one moment more.
George F. Kennan

I have looked back at my earliest blog posts
I go to them every now and again... mostly because I expect to read something new. As if someone is writing it still. Some days I wonder if I know the person who wrote that blog. Am I that person? Indeed I am. It was me before I realized the world was a lot bigger and a lot smaller than I thought it was.

If there is a statement or saying that I really hate hearing, it's the statement "You don't know what you don't know". I hate the statement. It's stupid and true at the same time. It instills anger and fear at the same time as irritation and bother. I want to know everything. And I hate that I know some of the things I do. I want to see the world through rose colored glasses some days, but I hate that I would be allowed to escape thinking about, what some people live. I live a good life, and I want to pretend everyone else has the privileges I do. But I know that pretending, or ignoring won't change anything. So I can't pretend or ignore.

I'm a mother. I AM a mother. I am A mother. I am a MOTHER. Tonight I tucked Angelisa and Tirzah in. They hugged me, they kissed me and they said night time prayers with me. Then they hugged me and kissed me again. They are my babies! I held Eden until she fell asleep in my arms tonight. And Tamene came to give me a good night kiss and informed he was the baby and wanted to be held. Naven wanted to sleep with me tonight, so I did the usual "Every one will sleep in their own bed tonight". And a hug and a kiss and off my baby went to bed.

This week I am trying to figure out how to explain Eden's age. She says she's 5 her birth certificate says she's 4. Trust me, she is 5. I don't want to explain it. Just trust me, I'm the mother and it doesn't matter how old she is. Everything is fine. And then I had to explain to a 3rd grade student that I am in fact the mother of Tirzah and Eden. Frankly based on the populations in the surrounding areas I don't understand why this child would question me, but she told me straight out I was not their mother. Tirzah and I decided next time this happens, we both say we are mother and daughter and walk away. They don't get any more info. I suspect Tirzah will be the kind of kid who makes up crazy answers when people ask ignorant questions. Not that the 3rd grader was being ignorant... just that Tirzah was pretty thoughtful about it and seemed less than impressed with the child's willingness to believe I was her mother.

Project Global Hope is in progress. I'll keep you all posted on the endeavor into the start up of a non-profit organization. I have known for many years that I would start a non-profit. I've just been waiting for God to say when.

I post a lot on facebook, so sometimes my blog misses day-to-day life. In the 7 days prior to yesterday, I was in the ER three times with the kids. Tirzah had a flu, but included ear pain, so we went to have it checked. Naven got frog in his eye... or frog juice... call it what you want, but he played with a frog and then touched his eyes and then started screaming in pain. Then Tirzah got her hand caught in the car door. I would say none of these trips REQUIRED a trip to the ER. But with Tirzah I worry that there is a language barrier enough to make something go haywire and I just want to protect her. For Naven, a little experience in natural consequences...pain from frog juice, then a horribly long and boring wait in the ER (the nurse tried to offer a movie, I politely declined on behalf of the child who should have left the frog alone), his experience was topped of with an less than friendly eye wash. Either he'll leave the frogs alone or he will wash his hands next time - or not...

I am still trying to help the orphans in Ghana. Thanks to a few more donations we have the oldest child in the house ready to go to school and paid for the first term. I'll be starting up a couple of fundraisers soon, so I hope to make the rest of the money. Once that is taken care of I can start helping to raise money so they can start supporting themselves through some small businesses/farming. For $50 USD you can send a Jr High student to school for one term, for $5 you can make a huge difference! Just $5 can help!. Food is the primary need, but if we don't help the children get educated, things will never change. If you want to help the orphans, or Project Global Hope, please contact me.

It's my bed time, or past it. Tomorrow is another day! Wooo hooo!


  1. Hello friend! I haven't been blogging like normal, and I have missed you. My children were very happy to see your children in the water:) I think Project Global Hope is just awesome. May God give you the wisdom and strength and open doors and provisions that you need. I agree that without education, nothing is going to change. I think you and the Lord have started something way cool.
    May it grow and grow.

    I love you, sister.

  2. Hello...
    I got an email from a neighbor/friend that traveled with you to Ethiopia on your adoption.
    SHe asked if she could send my contact info to you...YES! Found your blog...YEah and congratulations! Your family is beautiful!
    We have 2, soon to be 3 kiddos from Ghana (accra area orphanage) I see some of my Ghana blog/ adoption friends commenting on your it is good to get connected. Looking forward to seeing how our callings are the same and different and learning where the Lord is leading each one.
    WIth Blessings