Monday, September 14, 2009

New endeavors

A small group of friends and family are working with me to set up a non-profit that will center itself in helping orphans and missions.

I will have much more detail on this soon. For now, I have set up a blog to kick off what we are calling "Project Global Hope". Soon this will be a registered non-profit. In the mean time, the needs exist and I will be using it to post updates about the situation with the orphanage in Ghana that you all have been reading about.

If you have a moment to visit the blog, you will see a list of needs from John at the orphanage. If you are interested in helping please contact me:


  1. I MUST know more about this! Fill me in. What/ where is your focus? Where are you in the planning etc... I want to know more more more more more!

  2. Shannon,

    All the details of the organization are being worked out. At this time we know that we want the organization to benefit: orphans, missionaries, and adoption.

    We are in the early stages of conception. At this time I am hoping to use this as a venue for getting donations for the orphanage I have been posting about. 26 orphans in Ghana are living single donation to single donation. The have the desire and capability to become mostly self sustaining. Just that they need some funds to get going.

    Also, there is a missionary in Ghana who goes out to the villages. The family is not being supported and has very little, yet they are committed to their work.

    Lastly, we know families here in the US that would like to adopt, but do not have the funds. We would hope to assist them in fundraising.

    It's been conceptual for a long time, we are actually starting to set up some concrete foundation to get things moving.

    Your support and interest are greatly appreciated. Please visit the blog and sign up as a follower.