Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday night

It's Tuesday night.

It just is.

Nothing about my day was normal... which in itself actually makes it a normal day. It's some kind of irony thing is happening with what's normal in my life and what's not. Normal is the average of the extremes though right? So the question is what sort of extreme will I encounter in any given day.

The girls haven't been here a full two months yet. So we are still adjusting. I suppose my adjustment is nothing compared to what the girls are experiencing. Each one of us is learning a whole new way.

So I've been in the ER with the kids three times in 7 days... flu-type symptoms, frog attack, and van door attack. My mom has documented the address of the ER in case she needs to reach me.

Did I mention it is Tuesday? Frankly it seems to be all I know. It's Tuesday and the Schwan's man comes on Tuesdays.

I am going to bed. Tomorrow is Wednesday.

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